General Information
Organic wines are produced by combining traditional methods and modern technology, using grapes grown without synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilisers, and with the minimum use of sulphur dioxide. Biodynamics is a more demanding process than ordinary organic cultivation, both physical and spiritual. Producers work in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, using Steiner principles to enhance and treat their terroir. Above all, well made organic wines offer a clean pure flavour and will truly reflect the soil and the climatic conditions that produced them.
What to look for on the label
All the wines in our range carry a certifying symbol in compliance with Article 15, EEC reg. 2092/91 of 24th June 1991. There are a large number of certifying organizations, varying from country to country and in many cases from region to region; however, the Biodynamic Demeter symbol is recognized internationally. The rigorous standards in both the cultivation and making of these wines is guaranteed by the inspections and strict controls carried out by these bodies.
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