New - Entre Vinyes Oniric Blanc , D.O. Penedes 2019
Entre Vinyes Oniric Blanc , D.O. Penedes 2019
Order code: MPSW017
This 100% Xarel.lo wines is from old vines in Baix Penedes. Made as a solo project by Maria Barrena Belzunegui, whom we know well from Azul y Garanza. Minimum intervention and minimum sulphur added. The wine is kept on its lees for 6 months. Lightly floral aromas and flavours of apple and pear, good acidity with a pleasing tangy finish. 12.5% ABV
New - Osoti Rioja Blanco 2019
Osoti Rioja Blanco 2019
Order code: MPSW018
Made from Tempranillo Blanco and a small % of Sauvignon Blanc. Pale yellow with greenish tinges and a slight pettilance. Fresh and fragrant floral aroma, medium intensity and flavours of almond, , pear, etc. The light touch of Sauvignon blanc, along with the Tempranillo Blanco, gives a more interesting nose. Biodynamic Demeter certification. .
New - Bodegas RoblesBodegas Vermouth Robles
Bodegas RoblesBodegas Vermouth Robles
Order code: MPSD008
Made from organic P.X grapes. Very fragrant, with notable touches of orange peel and tangerine. Subtle hints of lemon amidst powerful aromas of raisins and honey. Ample, very well structured and balanced. 15% ABV
New - Bodegas Robles Vermouth VRMT
Bodegas Robles Vermouth VRMT
Order code: MPSD009
Made by Robles with the collaboration of Michelin star chef Paco Morales who has incorporated aromas and memories of the Andalusi cuisine (from Al-Andalus period, 8th to 15th centuries) and is responsible for its balance between sweet, bitter and acid that allows a prolonged presence on the palate. The clove and cinnamon are the main spices responsible for the warm Andalusian aroma characteristic of this vermouth This is a 1L size bottle.
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